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Web Site Explanation
This web site is owned by the Lake Groton Association. Comments or suggestions regarding the web site are appreciated and they should be directed to Dave Spencer or the Contact us link can be used to provide feedback.

Lake Groton Association Web Site Policy  

(adopted at the annual meeting, September 4, 2004)  

The web site will be maintained by a web site coordinator who will be appointed by the Association President. 

Web Site content is at the discretion of the web site coordinator and if there is any question, they will contact the President and/or the Board of Trustees.

The hosting service and domain name registration expense will be paid or reimbursed by the association and is assumed to be under $100 per year. (cost in 2004 is $79.35, expected cost in 2005 is $70.00)

The posting of email, non-Groton mail or winter addresses on the web site, will only be for people who authorize it.

Other directory information (camp identification and camp phone number) will be included in the directory information unless a camp owner requests that their information not be included.

Classifieds will be placed on a best effort basis and will be free to Association members.  Ads must be submitted electronically to  Ads, such as services, by non-Association members will be placed free if deemed of particular interest to Association members.  Additional classified policies may evolve as necessary.