• Other Threats to the Lake

    Although Eurasian Milfoil is the primary threat to Lake Groton, there are other invasive plants and animals which are as prevalent in Vermont waters.  For example,  Zebra Mussels  are now present in Lake Champlain  and they can be transported between bodies of water on boats and in fish wells.

    For an up-to-date list, please see:  List of Aquatic Plant and Animal Species of Concern in Vermont

    A new concern is Hydrilla which looks a lot like Elodea which is in Lake Groton.  Hydrilla has been reported in New Hampshire and New York, but has not been reported in Vermont.

    If you see new and different weed growth in the lake, please contact John LaRosa,  Dave Spencer, Rusty Reader, or Jim Soutar for assistance in identifying it.