Water Clarity Monitoring

Lake Groton participates in the Vermont Lay Monitoring Program. This program equips and trains local lake users to measure the nutrient enrichment of lakes by collecting water quality data following a rigorously documented and quality assured methodology. This citizen monitoring program is mainly based on trophic parameters and monitors approximately 40 lakes and 25 Lake Champlain stations per year. All Lake Champlain stations and many inland lakes in the program are sampled for chlorophyll-a, total phosphorus, and Secchi disk transparency. The remaining inland lakes in the program, from which limited data are needed, are sampled only for Secchi disk transparency. All sampling occurs on a weekly basis during the summer. The tremendous success of the Lay Monitoring Program is largely due to the many volunteers. Since the development of the Lay Monitoring Program in 1979, valuable data has been generated on many lakes including Lake Champlain. Click here for more information from the state Water Quality division site.

On Lake Groton volunteers currently Bob Ricker regularly monitors water clarity using a Secchi disk and he reports at the annual Association meeting and submits his data to the state.

The Lay Monitoring Water Clarity Reports to the Lake Groton Association: