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Dear LGA Members,


We now have plenty of accoutrements but we could still use some main dishes

and/ or sides with substance. We have potato salad, spinach salad, Cole

slaw, taco salad,couscous salad. Then we have two different kinds of chicken

salad, lasagna, pasta dish, chili, corn bread. We have cheese,crackers,

chips, dips and veggies and salsa.

We have water and ice and soft drinks.

We have two definite desserts and some watermelon .

So, for those of you who haven't made a selection yet, it has been narrowed


I think that either way, there will be plenty of food!



Sausage and peppers

Baked beans and Frank's

Mac and cheese


BBQ pulled pork

Roasted veggies

More desserts


Thanks again to all.



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