Lake Groton Association Chili (Mild)


Ingredients for servings of 4 (double or triple… for desired servings)

1 lb. ground beef of your choice (also pork and leftover steak or a combo works here)

1 large onion

1 bell green pepper

1 bell red pepper

2 fresh  garlic cloves diced or 1 TBLS garlic powder (not salt)

1 TBLS Cumin

1 TBLS Chili Powder

1 TBLS dry oregano

½ TBLS sea salt (to taste)

½ TBLS fresh ground pepper (to taste)

1 - 16oz. can diced tomatoes (with liquid) (use ROTEL brand if more heat desired)

1 - 4 oz. can mushrooms and stems with liquid

1 -16 oz. can red kidney beans or black beans (drained)

½ cup frozen corn (optional but popular)

½ cup fresh sliced carrots (optional but popular)

1 -16 oz. can canned chili of choice.    Explanation…Most people judge chili from what they have tasted in a restaurant (usually canned chili). This is what I call a chili bouillon or a flavor booster. It satisfies those who have never had homemade chili and adds spices familiar to them. I use “STAG- steakhouse reserve” MILD. You could use any mild or hot canned chili you prefer.  Now you know that this is a semi-homemade recipe! Good though isn’t it?



Cooking the Chili

First thing to do is find a large pot or a wok or the best is a Dutch oven. 

Brown the ground beef on a medium high to high heat until grey or brown and then drain if less fat is desired and then add the onions and bell peppers.  Sautee the vegetables (except frozen corn), until tender. 

Don’t worry about the cooking time here. Carrots can be firm. The entire pot is going to cook for a couple of hours on low to meld all the flavors and cook everything nicely.

 Add the tomatoes with liquid, mushrooms with liquid and spices here and stir. Cook for 5 minutes on medium heat or until bubbling occurs. Stirring occasionally.

Add the drained beans, corn (optional), and the can of chili.

Simmer for a couple of hours on the lowest temperature you can achieve. Transferring to a slow cooker is a great method if you have one or just stir often and turn the heat on and off. The longer it cooks at a low temp the better it is.


Remarks…. If your chili seems too “loose” while hot and cooking, it will stiffen up when it cools a little. If it is too stiff when hot, add a can of tomatoes with liquid as desired.

 This is a Mild Chili and you may notice actual “chili peppers” were not included. We encourage you to experiment with hot or mild chilies of your choice to flavor this recipe. Chili’s are a creation of the cook and the taste desired can be adjusted tremendously. If you use fresh chilies, put them in with the bell peppers and onions.




Jon Desilets