Items of Ongoing Interest  


Aquatic Survey Final Report (2 Mb)


Information on Bladderwort: article1, article2.


Shoreland Protection Act

As of July 1, 2014 new standards and permits for shoreland development and maintenance became law.  Article.  When do you need a state permit?  Handbook for Shoreland Development, Information Sessions


Drone Videos

Drone video of the Forest and Pond in spring 2016 by Seth O'Brien and Gwen Considine of Cabot.

Fall Foliage Video of drone from Devil's Hill. (Water is Martin's Pond.)  Fall 2015.

Fall Foliage Drone video of Groton State Forest by Green Mountain Drone in Cabot.


Chili Recipe

Chili - There have been several requests for the recipe of Jon Desilets' chili. Click here to see the recipe.   If there is a demand for a repository of Lake recipes, please click on Contact us in the left column and let us know.


Fertilizer - Don't "P" in our Lake or on your Lawn

The Vermont Legislature has passed New England's first law which prohibiting the use of lawn fertilizers containing phosphorus. For more information, click here.  Don't "P" in our Lake or on your Lawn -  Find out why not and how not to.


Association Communication

      The Association news letters - If you are not receiving them in the mail, then Rusty Reader does not have your correct address. Please e-mail him the info at

      Association Emails - the association is sending important information via email to all those for whom they have email addresses. These email addresses will not be included in the online directory unless you specifically request it.  Send your email address to to be included.


Shoreline Plantings

Article Tips on Replanting a Lake Shoreline from the Spring Federation of Lakes & Ponds Newsletter.


911 Addresses

Each house and building has a 911 street address.  These numbers are very important to emergency vehicles responding to calls for assistance.  The numbers should be posted so they are highly visible from the road and can either be placed on the building or on a post at the end of a driveway if the building is not visible from the road.  The numbers should be reflective and a minimum of 3 inches high and 2 1/2 inches wide.  This is important to the ability of emergency response units to respond rapidly.  The 911 addresses were changed in 2004 to enable emergency vehicles to more easily find locations. 


Reflective 911 Address Numbers

Signs Available from the Groton Fire Department for $15.  Click here to see a sample, and click here for an order form or pick one up in the town clerk's office.


Green Mountain Passports for State Parks

These are available for both Vermont residents over 62 years old and for 100% disabled veterans. They provide a lifetime free admission to state parks (including Boulder Beach), museums, and fully state sponsored events.  The fee is $2.00 from the Groton Town clerk.