Loon Information

Resting Chick, August 2017

North end nesting loon 2014 on artificial Platform

Family Portrait, July 2, 2008

Loon Nest in May 2008

just after being placed


June and July is the breeding and chick raising season on the lake. Please keep your distance while watching Loons with or without chicks! During the summer, a nesting area at the south end of the lake is marked off with white signs.

Lake Groton is fortunate to have a Loon volunteer monitor, Darlene Sprague. Darlene, who lives on West Shore Road, monitors the Loon activity on the Lake, especially the breeding activities. Darlene has been active in this role since 1997. Note that as of the end of 2019, Groton Pond has raised 25 loon chicks successfully that have survived through the end of summer and into the months of migration.  South end pairs raised 17 Chicks from 13 successful nest and 3 nests failed.  North end pairs raised 8 Chicks from 6 successful nests and 3 nests failed.  Groton Lake is way above average in chick and nest success!

If you see any activity you suspect is harmful to the Loons or have any questions on their behavior, please contact Darlene at 584-3030. Other contacts are Warden Mark Schicktle at 222-4680 and Loon
Biologist Eric Hansen at 586-8064.

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