2011 Groton Pond Loon Report

The Last Chick headed south on December 23rd after generating some excitement in its search for open water


South end artificial nesting platform

The resident pair nested later than usual, due to high water

nested early June,  hatched 2 eggs, one was lost to predator,

the other egg hatched the first week of July.

Chick known to survive through the end of the loon survey into fall


North end natural nesting site


The resident pair nested a bit later than usual, due to high water

nested the first week of June,  hatched two chicks the first week of July

both chicks survived at the end of the survey and were seen again in December

trapped in icy water, but both were able to take flight and leave as late as

December 23rd, before ice closed in.


Darlene Sprague

VT Loon Recovery Program Volunteer

Groton Pond