Groton Pond Loon report July 26 2014


South end Loons

This year it was decided to remove the artificial nesting platform in hopes that the nesting pair would nest naturally. After many hours of observation, they never showed any interest or attempt to establish a nesting site.

As it turns out, the pair changed mates.  There were many confrontations with other loons and the change over in new mates may well be the reason they did not nest.


North end Loons

The pair nested on the east shore on an artificial nesting platform provided for them.


They nested later than normal around the middle of June. Predicted hatch date was the middle of July.


The pair left the nest and were on the water on the 19th of July which was also Loon Count day. No chick(s) were found.


Upon inspection of the nest by Doug Duckett, he found one cold egg and egg shell fragments. He  felt that they  hatched a chick, and that he saw it for a short time.  The loons left the area and moved on to the open lake.  No chicks have been seen since his first observation.


 Conclusion, a chick may have hatched but did not survive.


On loon watch day, I observed 6 loons in different locations, all adults

4 were the 2 resident pairs and the 2 others  were  another pair possibly trying to establish a territory on the pond.   


Darlene Sprague


VT Loon Conservation Program

Groton Pond Vermont