Groton Pond Newsflash!

Sunday April 20, 2008


The Loons have landed.....on the West shore...  The pond ice has been breaking up and  being pushed out into the center of the pond,  by rapid moving water from the Beaver Brook inlet.  . I spotted 2 loons  in this open area  (about one quarter of a mile long.)early Sunday morning.

I have identified them as our nesting pair. They  have stayed together,  feeding rapidly and moving quickly back and forth sometimes disappearing for several minutes, seemingly  moving about under the ice to return to the open area....I  watched them for the best part of Sunday .  They looked fit and energized..They did not make one calling sound for the whole time that I watched them  (most of the day) .The female surfaced more than once with a fish.  The male would rush up to her and she would turn and swim away with her catch only to devour it quickly after moving a few feet away. 

This is very exciting news for all of our loon lovers out there.....They made it through the winter and have traveled many a mile to return to our pristine Groton pond where they will make their summer home and attempt to raise their young.



Darlene Sprague

Loon Volunteer