2012 Loon  Report

Groton Pond


South end Loons

The pair of loons nested later than usual, in June.  About one week later, the pair abandoned the nest.  I could not find any eggs or traces of egg shells.  Received reports of  people seeing an eagle in the general vicinity several times.  Conclusion  is that something obviously happened to the eggs, the loons may have been harassed by the eagle enough so that they might have left the nest unattended for too long,  and a predator took the eggs...The loons did not attempt to re-nest. 


North end loons

The North pair nested later than usual also in June.  They left the nest within a few days after nesting .  There were no eggs found in the nest, but  eggs shell fragments were found nearby and someone witnessed some commotion involving ravens or crows in the area where the shell fragments were found.  The conclusion was that the birds robbed the nest and removed and broke or devoured the eggs.  The loons did not attempt to re -nest.  Results, no chicks .


We all enjoy the adult loons and listen to their songs, but many mentioned they missed seeing loon chicks on the pond.  They are definitely  one of the highlights of summer here on Groton pond.


Hopefully the loons will have better luck in (2013) and raise a chick or two for all of us to watch grow up and enjoy.


Darlene Sprague

Season long Volunteer

Vermont Loon Recovery Program