2019 Loon Report


We have 2 nesting pairs on the lake at present.  A pair on the south end near the wet lands and a pair on the north end in a very populated area.


The south end pair nested in a new spot this year.  They built a nest on the west side of the lake at a site of their own choosing.  They picked a great spot to nest but it was close to a route heavily used by kayaks and canoeist, and so a decision was made to put  signs out to ask people to stay away.  Just a week before the eggs were due to hatch on June 22  there was a heavy rain storm which flooded over the 2 eggs in the nest and the nest failed.  The pair remains on the lake on the South end.


The North end pair nested on an artificial nesting platform that Jacky Duckett attends to in front of her summer place.  The loons were on the nest within the next few hours after the nest was put into the water.  High wind action kept moving the nest onto the shore line, so it was decided to leave it there.  By some miracle the loons stayed with the nest and continued sitting on it.  2 eggs were observed in the nest.  On June 6th, one chick was hatched and the second egg came up missing. The remaining chick has survived as of mid August and is doing well and into its 2nd molt.  The parents are attentive,  protective and watchful of the never ending threats.


There is still great concern for the safety of the loons as boaters, and people on personal water crafts continue to speed by them at high rates of speed and at a close range. Once again we ask folks to please not boat or fish near them . Slow down and go around, Thank you for your cooperation.


Darlene Sprague

Vt Loon Conservation Program  Volunteer

Lake Groton Vt