2018 Loon Report 

South end, natural nest site.  Loons nested on the East shore in June next to a popular swimming area.  Floating signs were put out to ask boaters/swimmers to stay away till the eggs hatched and the signs were removed.  As it turned out one egg hatched out of two. The last egg in the nest was  flooded the very next day. Due to high water and wave action.

The loons continued to sit on the egg for another two days and then abandoned it.  

North End, artificial nest site Loons nested in June .  The nest failed.  The pair did not re nest.   Disappointing but takes the pressure off of them as parents and they stayed together as a pair, till migration in the fall.

The statewide loon census was taken on this lake end of July. total count~6 adults and 1 chick 


Darlene Sprague 

Vt Loon Conservation Program Volunteer 

Lake Groton