2015 Lake Groton Loon Report

North end of the Lake

  1 pair of nesting loons on Artificial platform

  2 chicks were hatched before the 4th of July 2015

  1 chick disappeared about 2 1/2 weeks later, cause unknown

South End of Lake 

 1 pair of nesting loons on natural nest

 1 loon chick was located on the same day that the state wide loon count was taken on the lake

 It was found to be younger than the two from the north end

This chick was a  wonderful surprise.  During the nesting period on the south end,  no nest was found during my search for nesting loons.. The nest was well hidden in an unexpected location  somewhere on the south end 

The Vermont state wide  loon count was done by me on the 18th of July - I counted 2 chicks, and 7 adults on that day.

The third week of September a dead loon chick was picked up and turned over to the Loon biologist for a necropsy to find the cause of death. The results of that test is the cause of death was blunt force beyond anything a territorial  loon could have done.

It has to be stressed that this notion boating too close to the loons is okay and that they will move out of the way, it just isn't realistic.   The dead loon chick is evidence of that.


Darlene Sprague


VT Loon Conservation Program

Lake Groton Vermont