2013  Loon Report for Groton Pond and surrounding ponds


Groton Pond 

two nesting pairs, both on artificial platforms South and North ends

Both pairs nested about a week of each other, , much later than normal

Both nests failed.  The south end loons did not re-nest but the north end loons did.

Within a few days of hatch time, something disturbed the loons on the 4th of July and they left the nest and did not return. Two eggs were found in that North end nest , recovered and sent to the lab for analysis Consequently, there were not any chicks this year on the pond, and for the second year in a row.


Surrounding Lakes and ponds (of interest)

Foster Pond

one pair produced 1 chick

Harveyís Lake

one pair produced 1 chick

Kettle Pond

one pair produced 1 chick

Martinís Pond 

one pair  produced 2 chicks

Osmore Pond

nest found with 2 eggs, then they disappears, 0 chicks

Peacham Pond

Southwest and Southeast locations

2 nest, both failed, produced 0 chicks

Rickerís Pond

one pair , produced 2 chicks.

One chick was killed from a suspected boat hit

The other was witnessed being killed by an adult non resident loon.


Darlene Sprague

VLRP Volunteer

Groton Pond, Vermont