Groton Pond History




Notes on the Montpelier & Wells River Railroad (from Evelyn Bird)


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Traveling along Rickers Pond

At Groton Village Station


Lakeside Station

(close to current Lakeside Drive)



Tin Pan Flag Stop (Boulder Beach Road Crossing)

The Spencers wait for a train

(est 1945)

Dwight Smith's picture of wife

Gertrude at the flag stop in 1954



Rocky Point Station Flag Stop

    Rocky Point Station

(from Peggy Guare)

1921 - Waiting for the Train  (from Matt Coxon)

The Station

(from David Clough)

Waiting for the Train (from David Clough)

Rocks behind the Station (from  David Clough)



Ricker's Mills Pictures by Dwight Smith*

February 1947

February 1947

August 1953

August 1953








*Dwight (Bud) Smith. From 1925 to 1942 Dwight was a summer resident of Groton at "Snug Harbor" the family home at the end of Railroad Street

in Groton Village. After Dwight's Navy service ended in 1946, he returned for frequent visits to Groton.  Dwight worked in the railroad industry from 1947 to 1999, employed by several railroads at different locations. He became the owner of the Conway Scenic Railroad in new Hampshire.



Note: An excellent reference on the Montpelier and Wells River Railroad is the book "Vermont's Granite Railroads" which can be found at the Groton Public Library.