Pond History

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If you haven't read Marion Proudfoot's "Camping at Groton Pond" (see Documents), you will enjoy it.  If you read it years ago, you will enjoy reading it again.



Date Highlights    


1873: M & WR Railroad line completed


1883: Forest fire of 2000 acres around the Pond


1908: Forest fire on east side of pond behind Plainfield Camp (Camp #9)


1931: Town built road to south end of lake from Ricker's Mill


1934: Forest Road (Rte 232) and small Stillwater campground & picnic area built by the CCC


1938: Hurricane


1947: Electricity to the north end


1956: Last train through the forest


1959: Construction of road around the north end


1961: Boulder Beach opened


1965: Telephone to most of pond (Molly's Pond Telephone Co.)


1966: Concrete dam built by state - raised water a couple of feet


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