Groton Pond History

Dates Detail



1873: M & WR Railroad line completed


1876: Forest Fire?


1883: Forest fire of 2000 acres around the Pond (from Lanesboro over Owl's Head, Little Deer, Big Deer, to Stillwater Brook around to Coldwater Brook


1908: Forest fire on west side of pond (from behind Plainfield Camp up Jerry Lund Mtn and down the Pond shore to about the Page camp (#002A)


1931: Town built road to south end of lake from Ricker's Mill


1933, Nov 22nd : CCC starts construction of Forest Road (Rte 232) from    both ends 


1934: Forest Road (Rte 232) and small Stillwater campground & picnic area completed by the CCC


1937-38: Forest Road (Rte 232) widened to 2 lanes


1938: Hurricane


1947: Electricity to the north end

1947 General Assembly authorizes leasing of land in the State Forest


1956: Last train through the forest


1959: Construction of road around the north end

1959: Construction of Log Pile Lane


1961: Boulder Beach opened


1962 Lord Drive built to Goodines


1963- Act of 1963 - Natural Areas law set Peacham Bog aside for protection


1963 Big Deer Campground constructed


1965: Telephone to most of Pond (Molly's Pond Telephone Co.)


1966: Concrete dam built by state - raised water a couple of feet


1975-79 Nature Center Built (with the hands of John LaRosa)


1987: West Shore Road Constructed



To be resolved:

1938 ist stillwater loop complete, 1958 second loop completed

1955 Boulder Beach road contructed

1959 Boulder Beach, 1962- original large bathhouse constructed

1965 stillwater contact station built