Groton Pond History


  • Early 1900s

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1914 - Summer School Teachers

(from Matt Coxon)

1900s? - steamers used to transport from the only road access which

 was at the bottom of the lake.


Left: 1908 - Steamer with motorboat "Alice".  Center: 1912 - Alice at the

Greystone Camp dock with Alice Goodine and Charles Lord. Right: "Alice"

at a dock at the foot of the Pond.


1940's - Al & Dick Coons.

 No motor.  All supplies were

 transported across lake

 via this boat.

Left: 1941 - Uncle Victor and Mike O'Grady.

Center: Mike with the Richardson Slipper Hyrdroplane and the 1939 Evinrude “Midget Racer” motor.

Right:  Mike with motor.


  • 1950s In the 1950s, outboard motors were refined to be reliable and so motorboats became very common to camp owners.  Around 1955, water sports in the form of aquaplaning and water skiing began to appear on the Pond.

1950's - Ernie Desilets and family

1950s - Desilets kids

1950's - the "Janey" was owned by

 Dr. Ben Clark.  Picture is in about

2000 showing then owners,

John & Joyce LaRosa


 est 1950 - Don Spencer Sr. in

14' Lyman Runabout lapstreak

 with 16 hp  Johnson

 est 1955 - Don Spencer Jr.

with self built hydroplane &

5 hp Johnson

 est 1959 - Dean Edson (hat) with his 14' MFG

and 22 hp Mercury. Motor was upgraded to a

40 hp Mercury


  • 1960s & 70s

1960's - Spencer's 14' MFG with a

 40 hp Johnson. Tracks to transport

 boats to boathouses were common.

1961 - Matt Coxon with

 his 1.5 HP Neptune


est 2007 - hydroplane

owned by Josh

 LaRosa. 12 HP Sea King

motor (1958).