Lake Groton Association

The Association

Members of the current Board:  

   Class of 2018: Steve Clark and Peter Welch

   Class of 2019: Bob Ricker and Matt Coxon

   Class of 2020: Gail Mcdonnell and Oreste Reader

President: Rusty Reader

Vice-President: Steve Clark

Treasurer: Gail McDonnell
Clerk: Susan Pelkey Smith: address 119 spoor road, 
Groton Vt 05046


Annual Dues: $40 to be sent to Susan Pelkey Smith (at address above).  $10 for this year if a new member.


Association Welcome Committee
There is an Association Welcome Committee who calls on new members of the Lake community.  Please notify Jim Soutar (584-3878 or 802-476-8400) with information about people to be contacted.

Minutes of Annual Meeting
- 2003 annual meeting
- 2004 annual meeting

- 2006 annual meeting

- 2007 annual meeting

- 2008 annual meeting

- 2009 annual meeting

- 2010 annual meeting

- 2011annual meeting

- 2012annual meeting

- 2013 annual meeting

- 2014 annual meeting

- 2015 annual meeting

- 2016 annual meeting

- 2017 annual meeting (not yet approved)

Association By-Laws
For the Association By-Laws: click here to display the pdf file.

       2017 Annual meeting at Boulder

        Beach  Photos by Rusty Reader

2017 demo of BW Catcher / Fire Pump

                                      2016 Annual Meeting