68th Lake Groton Association Annual Meeting

and Cookout



Preamble:  A meeting of the membership is required at this time by the bylaws of the association for the purpose of electing the trustees and clerk.  This meeting is also qualified to act on such business as may be brought before it.



1)     Call to Order-quorum confirmation (20 members required)  54 members present, approximately 75 people in attendance


2)     Introduction of new members and guest:  Barb Zander and Dennis Casey


3)     Volunteer Thank You


Dave Spencer Groton pond .com web site…damn inspector, Weed survey grant and management.

Ellen Farquharson (trustee)

Dean Edson - damn inspector

John LaRosa- fireworks, milfoil team, lake quality  monorting

Rusty Reader- fireworks, milfoil and association clerk/treasurer

Paul Sykas- trustee and chef

Peter Welch trustee and chow line set up

Matt Coxon- trustee and chow line set up

Jon Desilets, Association president

Steve Clark – Trustee,  Shoreline Management legislation meeting

Peter Lyon – Goose Nests and Egg Addling

Jim Soutar for welcome committee and Goose Assistant.

Darlene Sprague - loon monitor

Mary Ann Dubois – Boat Parade Leader

Spoor family for the fireworks location


4)     Email addresses Please. If you are not receiving email from me and you want to be kept up to date, please provide your email address. Please send them to jonsandydes@gmail.com ß-NOTE! NEW EMAIL!


5)     Minutes 2013 see website.  Minutes approved


6)     Financial Report-Presented by Oreste Reader: Report approved



7)     Moment of Silence for deceased members – Lifetime member Jeanne S. Desilets, Bob Smaltz, Kenneth Bostrom, Ellen Andrews (mother and grandmother Rossi family), Patty Ricker


8)     Nominations and election of two trustees to replace Ellen Farquharson and Jon Desilets:  Gail Mcdonnell, and Oreste Reader



9)     Nomination and election of Clerk/Treasurer position for one year: John LaRosa


10)  Financial recommendations from the board of trustees

a.      $250.00 Groton Fast Squad

b.     $250.00 Groton  Fire Department

c.      $50.00 Loon Recovery Program

d.     Dues set at-$20.00 (includes one cookout ticket)


11) Park Update- Park Ranger-


 Colin gave a report about park statistics.  12000 visitors at Stillwater 3% increase from last year, and 1600 at Big Deer a 26% increase from last year.

Boat launch: 97 launches recorded this season, with a reminder, please tell park staff if you have launched, or taken out a boat after hours.  Park hours are 8am to 8pm 7 days a week during the regular season.



12    ) Committee Reports


a.     Federation of Lakes and Ponds:   We did not participate in FOVLAP this year.  There are other groups that might better represent small lakes and ponds, and we will pursue those.


b.     Goose Nests and Egg Addling – Peter Lyon


Peter and Jim Soutar found one nest and successfully oiled the egg.  There was one gosling this year, the location of the nest unknown.  Peter said that communication was great, keep the calls coming.  584-2030.  The membership supports renewing the permit for the 2015 season.


c.      Web Site-www.GrotonPond.com-Dave Spencer

                   Keep sending your photos and information to Dave.  Visit the web site, a lot

                   Interesting information about the lake, and lake history


d.     Lay Monitoring report.- John LaRosa report to follow


e.      Weed Survey – Dave Spencer  See attached, final report to follow.



f.      4th of July activities-boat parade, fireworks –  Mary Ann Dubois

2015 season

Parade Saturday July 4, 2015

Fireworks tentative for Friday July 3rd, 2015



g.     Groton Pond History-Dave Spencer: continue digging for the history.  E-mail items to Dave. 





13    )    New Business:


a.     2014 Addling nests and eggs - Nuisance Canada Geese: see Peter’s report above.


b.     Completed weed survey and Purple Bladderwort weed control options if any. Not a water quality issue but a real nuisance.  Jack Malone will spearhead a bladderwort control team for the fall of 2014, with a more aggressive approach (harvesting) in 2015.  If you are interested in helping that team, contact Jack  jjm398@gmail.com


c.      Shoreline protection Bill Passed. See www.Grotonpond.com  Steve Clark attended the information meeting on this, and read excerpts from the bill.  All are encouraged to review the Bill.


d.     Rock Marking – voluntarily mark known rocks please. Not an Association task.

e.      Boat Launch Privileges:  ALWAYS stop and check in with the contact station, wash your boat even if it has never left the lake.  We must lead by example.  Be courteous, and a responsible steward of the lake.


f.      UFO’s ?!  Please be aware of the possible dangers when launching flame carrying paper or plastic flying luminaries. Chinese lanterns etc. If they don’t make it above the trees or are misdirected by wind they can become a fire hazard.     


**Peter Lyon stood up and suggested a standing ovation for Jon Desilets and all that he has done for the association!  Thank you Jon


Members discussed the Boulder Beach pavilion, and the cookout.  Vast majority want to continue the labor day meeting cookout, so it has been decided.  Next year, Boulder Beach, the Pavilion, cookout and meeting Saturday Sept 5th, 2015 at 10am


         14)     12:00 Noon - Burgers and Dogs served!  Meeting adjourned 11:43 am