Lake Groton Association 2013 Annual Meeting

August 31, 2013


1.       Call to Order-71 members present


2.      Introduction of new members:  Charlie and Doris Martin, Fran and Sue Pare


3.      Reports-Goose Egg Addling- report by Peter Lyons-  Appears to be successful, Thanks out to Peter, Howard Wagner and Sean O’Neil


4.      Email address reminder- send to


5.      Treasurer’s Report-  Rusty Reader- attached reviewed and accepted


6.      Moment of silence for deceased members- Carlene Murphy Newton, George Gillander, Hap Boisvert, Franklyn Linton, Kendall Odell, Kirk Biancardi, Mark Rossi, Merle Smith, Alice Collins, Mary Ellen Williams Smith


7.      Nominations- Trustees- Matt Coxon, Paul Sykas-  Moved, seconded and accepted


                           Clerk-Rusty Reader- Moved, seconded and accepted


8.      Finances-  Contributions- Groton Fast Squad-$250.00,  Loon advocacy-$50.00, Fire Department-$250.00,  Dues to remain at $20.00  All moved and accepted


9.      Reports- Federation of Lakes and Ponds- Ellen Farqueson- Meeting included review of individual lake issues, buffers for blue lakes agenda, shoreland landscaping for cleaner lakes

               -Milfoil Search-Nothing yet, potential sightings by members have been investigated, and found to be negative, potential grant monies available for milfoil search and education

               -Boat Parade- Harold Puffer/Dubois Award went the Riggen camp, LGA award to the Bobby Ricker/Goodine camps

               -Groton Pond History- get info on individual camps to Dave Spencer for the web site


10.   Other Business-  Bladderwort- Not an indication of poor lake water quality, pick it at will

                               Bill H-526 Shoreline Protection- passed the house last session and is in the Senate, would limit construction growth within 150’ and structure construction within 200’ of the lake shore.  October 3rd there is a meeting in White River to give public input.

                               Rock Marking-  potential matching bouys, adjacent land owners to mark, Dean Edson to coordinate.


11.   Thanks to members participating- Dave, Jim ,Ellen, Dean,  John, Rusty, Paul, Peter, Matt, Bob, Steve, Peter, Darlene, Mary Ann


12.   2014 Calendar-   Boat Parade- 7-5-14, please put your camp number on your boat,  Fireworks- 7-5-14, rain date-7-12-14


13.   Meeting Adjourned- 11:50AM


14.   91 attended the cook out