Lake Groton Association Annual Meeting

And Cookout


Saturday, September 1, 2012


Preamble:  A meeting of the membership is required at this time by the bylaws of the association for the purpose of electing the trustees and clerk.  This meeting is also qualified to act on such business as may be brought before it.



1)     Call to Order-quorum confirmation (20 members required) 53 members present, meeting started at 10:38am


2)     Introduction of new members (none present)

a. Bryant and Susie Benson

b. Randy Odell


3)     Volunteer Thank You


Donath family for water quality monitor


Jim Soutar for boat safety course, and welcome committee

(This was Jim’s final class. He deserves a special thanks for all the family members he graduated from this course. We are safer because of it.)


Dave Spencer Groton pond .com web site…damn inspector

Ellen (trustee) and Kirk Farquharson for 2012 federation of  lakes meeting

Dean Edson damn inspector

John LaRosa fireworks and milfoil team

Rusty Reader milfoil and association clerk

Paul Sykas trustee and chef

Peter Welch trustee and chow line set up

Matt Coxon trustee and chow line set up, damn inspector

Jon Desilets association president

John Lord trustee

Darlene Sprague - loon monitor:  two nests this year, both failed.  Most likely to Ravens on the north end, and reports of an eagle on the south end. 


Welcoming committee: Jim Soutar, and Milt Lamberton.  No new members at meeting.  Jim reported that if you know of new owners, tell them about the association.  Some of the camps are family camps, with family taking over, again, tell them about the association.


4)     Email addresses Please. If you are not receiving email from me and you want to be kept up to date, please provide your email address. Please send them to We will not publish them in the directory unless you let us know you want us to.


5)     Minutes 2011 see website.   2011 minutes to be approved at later date by trustees.


6)     Financial Report-Presented by Oreste Reader:


Treasurer’s  Report  2011-2012


Balance as of  August  28,2012             Certificate of Deposit                       $2392.48

                                                                        Petty Cash                                     $33.13

                                                                        Check Book Balance                $2542.05                                



Fireworks fund                                      Balance 2011 post show:  $1458.08          

                                                               Donations 2012                 $2372.00

                                                               Cost 2012 show:               $3000.00                                 

                                                               Balance 2012 post show:  $-628.00

**fire works monies included in check book balance




7)     Moment of Silence for deceased members,- Rick Ortiz, Paul Ricker, Steven Sykas, Herb Hebel, Norman Franks


8)     Nominations and election of two trustees to replace  John Lord and Peter Welch

(Peter has agreed to stay on if nominated. He is also the nomination committee.)

Peter Welch will stay on for another term of three years. 

Dr Steve Clark has been approved to replace John Lord.  Steve will serve a three year term. 


9)     Nomination and election of Clerk/Treasurer position for one year: Oreste Reader was nominated by Jim Soutar for another one year term.


10) Financial recommendations from the board of trustees

a.                      $250.00 Groton Fast Squad

b.                     $250.00 Groton  Fire Department

c.                      $50.00 Loon Recovery Program

d.                     Dues set at-$20.00 (includes one cookout ticket)


All financial recommendations were approved. 


11) Park Update By Susan Bulmer

Sue spoke of the parks projects and attendance.  Overall Stillwater was 10% higher in attendance than last year.  Boulder beach was up 5%, Big Deer was up 14%, Kettle Pond 8%, and Ricker 1%.

Several sewage pit replacements, and water line upgrades have occurred throughout the forest.  Certain site maintenance, and fire pit repair along with some new signage as you come into the forest are in the current plan for improvement this year and next season.


12) Committee Reports

a.      Boating Safety Certification Course-Jim Soutar

13 more safe boaters thanks to Jum Soutar!  What a great last class.  Overall 350 graduates over 21 years.  Thank you Jim!

If anyone is interested in taking over the class, call Jim Soutar.  He has the materials and a very organized system for teaching.


b.     Federation of Lakes and Ponds:

Ellen and Kirk Farquharson attended this year.  Over all very informative meeting.  We are lucky as we do not have any major issues at this time.  Our one main concern is preventing milfoil.  There was a suggestion to have a more professional approach to monitoring for this.  Ellen has the information. 


c.      Web Spencer

                                                    i.     Keep sending your photos, and information to Dave.  Visit the web site, a lot

                                                  ii.     Interesting information about the lake, and lake history


d.     Lay Monitoring report.-Donath family: not present at meeting.  Data to follow.  It seems like the lake was really clear this year, it will be interesting to see what the disc readings were.


e.      Milfoil Watch Team-John LaRosa  John was not able to attend the meeting.  He discussed the watch team’s findings with Jon Desilets. No Milfoil discovered.


f.      4th of July activities-boat parade, fireworks, morning coffee. 

The boat parade for 2013 is scheduled for July 6th.


g.     Groton Pond History-Dave Spencer: continue digging for the history.  E-mail items to Dave. 


New Business:


a.      Nuisance Canada Geese

The geese pose a significant problem for the lake.  Their offspring return to where they were hatched, and the parents also return.  We could find ourselves with a large number these large aggressive, grass consuming birds.  (up to 4lbs a day).  Not too mention what goes in also comes out…Jon Desilets will work with Sue Bulmer to develop a plan, and take steps to secure permit to destroy new nests, and perform a bird round-up relocation this next spring.  More information to follow via-email.  A motion to approve the amount of 1500.00 towards the round-up and permit was approved by members 9-1-12 at 12:06pm.


b.     Security – Who to call in case of an emergency CALL 911.  A recent camp invasion was discussed by one of our members.  It was a very traumatic event, and has them very shaken.  Please all of you, take measure to make your camp safe, good lighting, secure locks, and a plan.


c.      Bladder Wart weeds – old news worth updating everyone about. Not a problem.  Annual plant that drifts with the current.  Large mass of this material on the north end this year.  Not an invasive plant.


d.     Boat launch availability for fall 2012: dates and times to be announced via e-mail.  A general reminder folks….wash your boats!  Even if they never leave the lake, stop, wash, and launch.  Pull, wash, and leave.  Set the example!


A motion to adjourn was made at 12:21pm 9-1-12.  Meeting adjourned.  Let the BBQ begin.  Thank you Jon for all your efforts with this event!


Meeting minutes respectfully submitted.

Oreste Reader 9-1-12