Lake Groton Association Annual Meeting

And Cookout

(Corrected May 8, 2012)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Preamble:  A meeting of the membership is required at this time by the bylaws of the association for the purpose of electing the trustees and clerk.  This meeting is also qualified to act on such business as may be brought before it.



1)      Call to Order-quorum confirmation(20 members required)

47 members present


2)      Introduction of new members



3)      Volunteer Thank You


Donath family for water quality monitor

Jim Soutar for boat safety course, and welcome committee

Dave Spencer Groton pond .com web site…damn inspector

Peter and Alana Welch for 2010 federation of  lakes meeting

Dean Edson damn inspector

John LaRosa fireworks and milfoil team

Rusty Reader milfoil and association clerk

Paul Sykas  trustee and chef

Jon Desilets association president

John Lord trustee

Darlene Sprague association trustee and loon educator


4)      Email addresses Please. If you are not receiving email from me and you want to be kept up to date, please provide your email address. Please send them to We will not publish them in the directory unless you let us know you want us to.

Also: please indicate if you would prefer to receive meeting minutes, and newsletters via e-mail, or traditional paper mail


5)      Minutes 2010 see website.  Minutes were approved by motion


6)      Financial Report-Presented by Oreste Reader:


Treasurer’s  Report  2010-2011

Income     Dues,fireworks, and meal income:  4,440.00           


            Fast Squad Donation                           $250.00

Fire dept Donation                             $250.00

Loon recovery program                     $50.00

Annual Meeting 2010                          $502.53                                         

            Newsletter, postage, copying               $131.02                           

            Web Site Dues                                    $60.39                                                                                                                                                                         Total:$1243.94


Balance as of August 25, 2011             Certificate of Deposit               $2384.89                     

                                                            Petty Cash                                  $33.13                                  

                                                            Check Book Balance             $3707.89          


Fireworks fund                                      Balance 2010 post show:     $734.08          

                                                             Donations 2010:                $3724.00

                                                             Cost 2011 show:               $3000.00                                 

                                                             Balance 2011 post show:  $1458.08

**fire works monies included in check book balance



Clerk statisitics

·        2009 132 owners listed on our mailing list

·        12 life members

·        50 paid(active) members

·        43 contributors to fireworks display


·        2010 134 owners listed

·        11 life members

·        55 paid(active) members

·        55 contributors to fireworks display


7)      Moment of Silence for deceased members,-Phil Ricker, Linda Wagner, Jim Newton


8)      Nominations and election of two trustees to replace Jon Desilets, Darlene Sprague: Jon Desilets nominated, and Ellen Farquharson for 3 year term.


9)      Nomination and election of Clerk/Treasurer position for one year

Oreste Reader was nominated, and elected for another year.


10)  Financial recommendations from the board of trustees

a.       $250.00 Groton Fast Squad

b.      $250.00 Groton  Fire Department

c.       $50.00 Loon Recovery Program

d.      Dues set at-$20.00 (includes one cookout ticket)


11)  Park Update- cartop launch on hold for now.  Boulder beach road/232 intersection in progress, but put on hold to fix other flood related damage. 


12)  Committee Reports


a.       Boating Safety Certification Course-Jim Soutar


11 successful completions.  3 had direct ties to families from the lake.

      2012 course dates: Saturday June 30, 2012 from 9:30am to 3:30pm

      Monday July 2, 2012 from 9:30am to 2:30pm.


**you must register, and pick up course materials from Jim seven days prior to the course.  The pre-study, and written homework must be completed prior to the course.


b.      Welcome Committee-Jim Soutar and Milt Lamberton

Unaware of any new members


c.       Federation of Lakes and Ponds: we did not attend


d.      Web Spencer

                   Keep sending your photos, and information to Dave.  Visit the web site, a lot

                   Interesting information about the lake, and lake history


e.       Lay Monitoring report.-Donath family

Report to be posted on the web site.  Overall, the average clarity was down most likely due to spring flooding


f.        Milfoil Watch Team-John LaRosa

Looking for more volunteers.  If interested, click the contact box on the pond website, and send your contact information.

g.       4th of July activities-boat parade, fireworks, morning coffee.  2012 dates John LaRosa: parade June 30, fireworks Sat June 30 rain date Sat July 7

History coffee meeting Sunday 7-1 8am


h.       Groton Pond History-Dave Spencer: continue digging for the history.  E-mail items to Dave.  Check those deeds!


13)  New Business:

a.       Stillwater early closing-September 16th.  The gate will also be open each weekend thru Columbus Day from 9AM till 4 PM. If the gate is closed at these times it will not be locked.  Please close it as you leave and leave it unlocked. If you need another time please coordinate with Stillwater at 584-3822 until Sept. 16th or the maintenance shop at 426-3040 after that.


b.      Misc. Topics- car top boat launch study,   A meeting was held Friday 9-3-10 at the nature center.  There was a strong turn out by association memebers.  We do not want a 24/7 access.  The state departments involved with the project heard our concerns, and will gather the committee that made the recommendations, and consider our input.  To give additional feedback, or comments, send them to Susan Bulmer:  Another meeting will be scheduled to review the decisions made. 


c.       Damn repairs: completed


d.      The association voted to donate 1000.00 to the upper valley grill to assist with the flood damage.  The grill is an important fixture for lake residents, and we appreciate the service that Bill provides.



        12)  Adjournment  :  Meeting adjourned 11:30am


Respectfully submitted:

Oreste Reader

Clerk/Treasurer of the Lake Groton Association