Lake Groton Association

Annual Meeting Notes 2009


Saturday, September 5, 2009

·         meeting called to order with quorum of 75 members.  20 members required.

·         Member introductions held.

·         Minutes of 2008 meeting approved by motion.

·         Financial report read by Oreste Reader. No questions, move made to accept financial report for 2008 season.

·         Moment of silence for deceased members; Addy Darling, Harold Puffer, David Winchester, Hilda Lee, Allen Walker, Dede Otto, Daniel Lee

·         Trustee nominations

John Lord and Bob Brimblecomb coming off service.   Motion made to have John Lord stay on another term, and Peter Welch to Come aboard.  Motion made, and accepted.       

·        Clerk nomination

        Current clerk, Oreste Reader renominated for another year of service,  

        motion approved.

·         Trustees meeting recommendations

          250.00 to Groton FAST squad             

          250.00 to Groton Fire Department (see comments above)         

          50.00 to Vermont Loon Recovery Program

          Dues to remain at $20.00

          motion to approve made.  Recommendations approved.


Committee reports


     1.   Boating safety:  Jim Soutar reported on boating safety coarse. 9 

         Successful completions, One no show, and one attended as a  

         refresher.  Jim reported that “ all went well, the state co- 

         operated students were attentive”  Again a special thank you to Jim   

         for his time, and efforts to insure safe future boaters.  Next year  

         the course dates are; Saturday 07-03-10 and Monday 07-05-09 from

         9:30am-2:30PM at the nature center.


**It is mandatory with Jim to pre-register and pick up the instruction books 7 days prior to taking the course. Pre-study and written homework must be completed before the first day of the course.


         Contact   Jim with questions: 584-3878


     3.    Welcome committee:  Jim Soutar, and Milt Lamberton welcomed new     

     members- Kristy and Sean Lindley, Bob and Becky Ringen


4.        Federation of lakes and Ponds:  Jon and Sandy Desilets attended this year, the main meeting topic was on water quality, milfoil eradication

and shoreline buffers to prevent erosion.  There is a new milfoil identified in Vermont, variable leaf milfoil.  Milfoil is very expensive to fight, we must be diligent in making sure people wash their boats, and educating visitors/renters.  When using fertilizer products, choose zero phosphate brands, (the middle number on the fertilizer bag)


5.   Web site news:  Dave Spencer set up, and operates our lake web site.  KUDOS to Dave for doing an outstanding job, keeping the site current, and responding to the ‘contact’ box associated with the site.  Currently, a lake history site is under construction.  Marian Proudfoot’s book with her son Eric’s blessing has been scanned in,  and available to be read.  Dave is currently collecting camp information; pictures, and a brief written history.


6.  4th of July 2010 dates:  boat parade set for Sunday 07-04, fireworks tenitive for Saturday 07-03, rain date Saturday 07-10.

         *fireworks donations are down.  We will have to be more aggressive in donations to continue to maintain the show that we have become accustomed to viewing.  Thank you to everyone that participates  in both the parade (Roger’s tradition), and the fireworks display.


   7.  Should the dues remain 20.00?  A lot of discussion generated with several members citing that the dues is too high. It was decided by vote to keep the dues at 20.00, but allowing first time members to pay 10.00.


There will be a spring muffin/coffee social  Held Saturday 07-03-09   

           At the nature center at 8:30am.


The annual meeting will be held Labor Day Saturday 09-06-09.     

          Possible BBQ rather than muffins.  More to follow.


NEW business


1.      Sue Bulmer attended this year with an update on Park projects throughout the state.  With stimulus money, there are a lot of projects underway.  Water lines at Stillwater, reproofing lean-to’s, new docks at Stillwater, just to name a few.


*Lake land owners have no special privileges at Stillwater or Boulder Beach.  If you want to attend functions in these two parks, you must pay the day use fee of $3.00.  Functions at the nature center are free for all, as it is not a pay for use area.


Hot topic: car top access proposed for Lake Groton.  Too early to speculate as to where and when.  Possible sites have been reviewed, with Boulder Beach being the most likely to support this type of a launch.  Access through Sunset trail, and washing stations are also determining factors.  Information meetings to be held in the future, more to follow at that time.  Jon Desilets will draft a letter with our concerns, if this is a 24hour access, what about wash stations, and pre/post season access.


2.      Stillwater campground is closing labor day.  The boat launch will be open 09-12/13, 09-19, and 10-11 9am-4pm.  If not here on those days, call the maintenance shop to arrange a different time to open the gate.  When you are done, be sure to close the gate…do not lock it.


3.      Groton lake historical preservation club/society meeting October 4, Sunday at 9am at the nature center.

4.      Potential Damn repairs for the fall of 2010.  The lake will be drawn down +/- 5 feet.  Currently in the permitting process.

5.      Jack Maloney mention the Groton Pond Open memorial golf tournament, in memory of Bob O’Grady.  There were about 40 golfers there, and it was held the first week of August.  If you are interested in playing next year, drop Jack Malone a line for the details.

6.      Jack Maloney, Jim Soutar, Milt Lamberton, and Jon Desiltes are working together to increase association membership.

7.      Kirk Farquharson found a milfoil like weed.  John LaRosa said it was Bladder Wort Snout, and it is new to Lake Groton.  Apparently it attaches itself to an already established plant and feeds are material in the water.



A BIG THANK YOU TO JOHN LAROSA for over a decade of service to the Lake Groton Association.  He has been a trustee, a VP,  and the president.  John started the milfoil watch, the historical society, the better back roads grant,  the fireworks, and yes under his watch, the dues went up…..just kidding John.  John will continue to offer his service serving out his trustee term as the treasurer.



As per tradition Jon Desilets moved to adjourn meeting at 1150am, motion accepted.

Respectfully submitted:

Oreste Reader Clerk 09-05-09