Lake Groton Association

Annual Meeting Notes 2008


Saturday August 29, 2008

·         meeting called to order with quorum of 55 members.  20 members required.

·         Member introductions held.

·         Minutes of 2007 meeting approved by motion.

·         Financial report read by Oreste Reader. No questions, move made to accept financial report for 2007 season.

·         Moment of silence for deceased members; Bob O’Grady, Cliff Winchester

·         Trustee nominations

Dave Spencer and Theresa Berkley coming off service.   Motion made to have Darlene Sprague, and Jon Desilets replace them.  Move accepted.       

     ·        Clerk nomination

Current clerk, Oreste Reader renominated for another year of service, motion approved.

·         Trustees meeting recommendations

200.00 to Groton FAST squad  (trustees recommended 60.00 for 2008  as funds in checkbook are low.  The association members felt that 60.00 was too low in comparison to the previous years 200.00.  It was motioned to increase the annual dues so we could donate the same amount to the fire and fast squads like we have historically 200.00 to Groton Fire Department (see comments above)


          dues :increased to $20.00 annually

          motion to approve made.  Recommendations approved.


Committee reports


1.   Boating safety:  Jim Soutar reported on boating safety coarse.  21 successful completions.  “all went well, the state co-    operated, and the students were attentive”  Again a special thank you to Jim for his time, and efforts to insure safe future boaters.  Next year the course dates will be Sunday 07-5 0930-230pm, and Monday 07-06 0930-230pm.    

         Contact   Jim with questions: 584-3878


 2.  Introduction of Lisa Fisher the Still water Park ranger, and Jacob Partlow the assistant ranger.  Comment by Lisa; the Park does not have the facilities to handle the Lake resident’s recycling.  Lisa takes this material that the campground generates, and brings it to a recycling center herself.  At this time, do not use the campgrounds for recycling.


3.  Welcome committee:  Jim Soutar, and Milt Lamberton welcomed new     

members-no new members at this time.


4.  Federation of lakes and Ponds:  John LaRosa attended this year, the main meeting topic was on buffer zones for shoreline protection.  Should have a 5 to 10 foot buffer to filter out silt run off.  There is current legislation in progress, but not sure of the timeline for any definitive regulations.


5.   Web site new:  Dave Spencer has set up, and operates our lake web site.  KUDOS to Dave for doing an outstanding job, keeping the site current, and responding to the ‘contact’ box associated with the site.


6.  Lake water quality lay monitor program:  Dave and Cathy Donath  perform the monitor.  June and July had good clarity at 3 to 4 meters.  After all the rains in August, it was reduced to 2 meters, the worst it has been in the last four seasons.  There has been a steady increase in chlorophyll levels, but the phosphorous levels remain consistent.  Suggest the use of fertilizers that contain zero phosphorous, on the bag it will be the middle additive, and it will be “0”


7.     Milfoil watch team:  the current team, John LaRosa, Oreste Reader, Dave Specner, Paul Sykas, Tom Page, Steve LaRosa, and Jeff Holden, are pleased to report that no milfoil has been found.  With that said, we echo the previous statement that all of us must be vigilant in watching our areas, encouraging boat washing before launch, and educating anyone we can about the transmission of this aquatic nuisance. 


8.     4th of July 2009 dates:  boat parade set for Saturday 07-04, fireworks tenitive for Sunday 07-05.  more to follow.

   *fireworks donations have been good.  Thank you to all that participate in both the parade (Roger’s tradition), and the fireworks display


 There will be a spring muffin/coffee social too Held Sunday 07-05-09   

           At the nature center at 9am.



NEW business


1.      Darlene Sprague gave us the Loon report, with interesting facts about our vocal feathered friends.

2.      Brief comments made about the “y” intersection at top of boulder beach road.  Dave said that a tasteful compromise would most likely be the solution to the safety versus history of the intersection.

3.      Stillwater campground is closing labor day.  The boat launch will be open 09-13, 09-27, and 10-11.  If not here on those days, call the maintenance shop to arrange a different time to open the gate.

4.      Proposal made to establish a Groton lake historical preservation club/society or something of the like.  Members interested should contact John LaRosa.  A meeting is scheduled 10-05-08 at 1pm at the nature center.  If unable to attend, drop us a line and let us know you are interested.

5.      2009 annual meeting set for Labor day.  9am coffee, 9:30am business meeting followed by trustees meeting.

6.      Side note:  it was mentioned that the use of boulder beach, is not free for association members.


As per tradition Jon Desilets moved to adjourn meeting at 1134am, motion accepted.




Respectfully submitted:

Oreste Reader Clerk 08-29-08