Lake Groton Association

Annual Meeting Notes 2007


Saturday September 1, 2007

John LaRosa and Paul Sykas coming off service.   Motion made to have John, and Paul continue service for association.  Move accepted.       

        Current clerk, Oreste Reader renominated for another year of service,  

        motion approved.


          200.00 to Groton FAST squad

          200.00 to Groton Fire Department

          dues remains set at $5.00

          motion to approve made.  Recommendations approved.


·        Committee reports


1.      Boating safety:  Jim Soutar reported on boating safety coarse.  21 successful completions.  “all went well, the state co-operated, and the students were attentive”  Again a special thank you to Jim for his time, and efforts to insure safe future boaters.  Next year the course dates will be Saturday 07-5 0930-230pm, and Sunday 0930-230pm.  Contact  Jim with questions: 584-3878


2.      Welcome committee:  Jim Soutar, and Milt Lamberton welcomed new  members-no new members at this time.  Comment made by Jim, that the association members do a really good job in welcoming newcomers, and representing the association.


3.      Federation of Lakes and Ponds:  John LaRosa attended this year.  There was a lot of discussion about lake milfoil monitors.  All of us have a responsibility to insure that our lake remains milfoil free.  Take the time to check in front of your areas.  If questions, contact, Dave Spencer, Oreste Reader, or John LaRosa.   For additional information on aquatic nuisance species, you can refer to our web site.  Additional federation news, discussed liability insurance for association sponsored events.  After discussion with a local lawyer (by John L) it was felt that the boat parade does not need coverage.  He did recommend coverage for the fireworks display.  John discussed with Northstar, and they will add us to their event policy at no extra fee.


Also:  Agency of natural resources ANR, is setting up a “vip” program for invasive species recognition, and reporting.  It is probably going to be a 2 to 3 hour course offered to anyone interested.  John is going to try and set something up for next summer here on the lake.  It would involve class work, as well as a wet workshop down on the water.  Dust off the row boats folks-this should be a good educational tool!


Federation of lakes trivia:  Lake Groton Association joined in 1976 with the forward thinking of then president Milt Lamberton.  Thank you to Milt for always having the best interests of the lake at heart.  We were the 7 or 8th association to join.


4.       Web site new:  Dave Spencer has set up, and operates our lake web site.  KUDOS to Dave for doing an outstanding job, keeping the site current, and responding to the ‘contact’ box associated with the site.  Dave said that he is currently working on picture software, to be able to scan in more photos, and possibly historic photos as well.  Dave also mentioned that Peter Bragg also had historic information formally listed on the Spoor camp site, and that, that would be transitioning to the Groton Pond Site.  The annual cost for the site is approximately 61.00


5.      Lake water quality lay monitor program:  Dave and Cathy Donath  perform the monitor.  See attached report.  Of special note; the technique used for the monitor information collection is quality controlled by visual examination of technique, and this year when their technique was observed, a camera crew filmed it, hopefully to use in some type of education film.  When that becomes available, Cathy said she would let us know, if we wanted to view the material.  Thank you to Dave, and Cathy for their efforts.


6.      Milfoil watch team:  the current team, John LaRosa, Oreste Reader, Dave Specner, Paul Sykas, Tom Page, Steve LaRosa, and Jeff Holden, are pleased to report that no milfoil has been found.  With that said, we echo the previous statement that all of us must be vigilant in watching our areas, encouraging boat washing before launch, and educating anyone we can about the transmission of this aquatic nuisance.  Jeff donated an underwater camera packet to the association, for use as a monitor tool, as well as lost and found!  Call John LaRosa if you would like to use this tool.  Pretty amazing to see the underwater terrain.


      Jon Desilets had a question; has there been any recent new findings of milfoil-At this point no.  A brief discussion on eradication methods followed, mentioning weevils, herbicides, and matt bottom coverings.  All things to be aware of, but the focus here is PREVENTION.



7.      4th of July 2008 dates:  boat parade set for Friday 07-04, fireworks set for Thursday 07-03 evening with a rain date of Sat 07-12.


         *fireworks donations have been good.  Thank you to all that participate in both the parade (Roger’s tradition), and the fireworks display.


8.      There will be a spring muffin/coffee social too, date and time to follow.   These dates will be included with the spring mailer for your convenience.



 NEW business


  1. Sue Bulmer from Department of Forest and Parks discussed miscellaneous state activities in the forest to include;

All the new gravel in the sand pit, to be used in the upgrade of the Stillwater parks water system, as well as miscellaneous site repair, and forest roads.

She discussed the multiuse trails (yellow blaze markings) the current status, and construction of these trails.  At this point progress is being made, they have rerouted one trail to the cold water brook road versus boulder beach road to avoid dangerous traffic issues.

Seyon pond ranch is under dispute between VAST trails, loggers, and ecologist for the water shed.  Hopes to have these parties come to some type of compromise for use of this area.

Ricker pond is having a new main water line installed, after the freezing of the previous one.  Ricker also had a new septic system installed in the ranger house located at the park entrance.

Kettle pond boat portage is under improvement, as well as New Discovery camping area.  Continued site improvement, and structure repair as needed.

Owls head look out has a new information stand-it was built with leftover stones used by the CCC during the original construction of the observation point.

Forest signage will be improved.  Forest and Parks, the DOT, and Town to be involved with that project.

There will be a new contact station built this fall at boulder beach entrance.  Should be ready for 08 season.

 Thank you to Susan for coming out today!  There was also a thank you to Lisa Fisher the Stillwater Ranger!  Lisa led the park for its distinguished 2007 Park of the Year Award.

 Dave Spencer discussed the Town and State committee set up to manage town and states shared interests in the park.  Dave is on the committee representing town government, and John L is a member from the association.

Dave discussed the paving of boulder beach road, and that it will be delayed, in order to resolve the dangerous Y intersection at the junction of 232 and boulder beach road.  The town will look at this, and try to find a way to preserve the historical approach, as well as meet safety standards of today’s roads.  More to follow as this unfolds.

 The boulder beach road also hosts a new water well-dry hydrant for use during fire.  This is adjacent the the coldwater brook, and will allow rapid fill up of tanker/pumper fire trucks.  A good thing!

 A question was asked as to if we could use the gravel pit gravel for improvement on state constructed access around the pond-Susan did not have a answer, but will present it at her next stewardship meeting.  John L spoke up, and discussed the better back roads grant, and asked that Susan also bring this topic with her, as they will go together towards overall improvement of road quality and stewardship of the area.

 Comments were made as to how nice the nature center is, and what a wonderful beach (boulder beach) that we have.  Jim Soutar also mentioned to Susan the idea of marketing the beach to increase day use.  Susan is open to ideas.  Feel free to contact her with any suggestions.  She is listed on the Vermont Forest and Parks Website.

 Next years meeting has been set for Labor Day Saturday 08-30-08 at 930, with coffee and muffins at 900am.

 As per tradition, Jon Desilets made a motion to adjourn, it was accepted and the meeting ended.


Respectfully submitted:

Oreste Reader Clerk 09-01-2007