Lake Groton Association

Annual Meeting Notes 2006


Saturday September 2, 2006

        Dave Donath, and Jim Soutar coming off service. John Lord, and Bob         

        Brimblecomb elected as new trustees.

        Current clerk, Oreste Reader nominated for another year of service, 

        motion approved.

          200.00 to Groton FAST squad

          200.00 to Groton Fire Department

          dues remains set at $5.00


Committee reports


     1.   Boating safety:  Jim Soutar reported on boating safety coarse.  5  

         successful completions.  “all went well, the state co-operated, and the

         students were attentive”


2.  Welcome committee:  Jim Soutar, and Milt Lamberton welcomed new    



  1. Federation of Lakes and Ponds:  Dave Spencer attened this year.  There was a lot of discussion about lake milfoil monitors.  All of us have a responsibility to insure that our lake remains milfoil free.  Take the time to check in front of your areas.  If questions, contact, Dave Spencer, Oreste Reader, or John LaRosa.  Other areas of interest included shoreline buffers, and the new septic regulations going into effect for 2007.  If any questions, call or e-mail Dave Spencer.  You can you ‘contact’ on our web site


  1.  Web site new:  Dave Spencer has set up, and operates our lake web site.  KUDOS to Dave for doing an outstanding job, keeping the site current, and responding to the ‘contact’ box associated with the site.  Dave said that he is currently working on picture software, to be able to scan in more photos, and possibly historic photos as well.  If you have access to a scanner that can do this, or have historic photos, contact Dave.


  1. Lake water quality lay monitor program:  John LaRosa reported for Dave Donath who performs the monitor.  See attached report.


  1. Milfoil watch team:  the current team, John LaRosa, Oreste Reader, Dave Specner, Paul Sykas, Tom Page, Steve LaRosa, and Jeff Holden, are pleased to report that no milfoil has been found.  With that said, we echo the previous statement that all of us must be vigilant in watching our areas, encouraging boat washing before launch, and educating anyone we can about the transmission of this aquatic nuisance.


  1. 4th of July 2006 dates:  boat parade set for Saturday 07-07, fireworks set for Saturday 07-07 evening

         *fireworks donations are good, but more is needed to maintain the  

          type of show that we have come accustomed to.  Pete Welch

          suggested that we donate 50.00  to 100.00 each member for this

          cause.  Again this is a voluntary process, any donations are greatly

          appreciated by all.  A thank you goes out to all that have contributed 

          for the delightful 2005 show


  1. Better roads grant: John LaRosa has been working on a grant that he got, to have our roads reviewed for potential sediment/erosion problems that may damage the road, leading to increased sediment deposit in the lake.  He will be meeting with various road associations, and an engineer to identify these areas, and establish a corrective action plan.  Once completed, the plan will be reviewed by the road association members, and the next step will be taken, probably the seeking of additional grant funds to help fix the problems identified.


NEW business


1.  Groton State Forest land use plan:  Dave Willard from the Vermont department of Forests and Parks spoke of the long term use plan for the Groton Forest part of the entire state’s forest plan.  New hiking trails, snowmobile trails, and a possible car top boat launch access at Lake Groton are a few of the highlights.  There will be informational meetings held in October.  A full preview of the plan can be found on the Forests and Parks website.  Association members encouraged to look at plan, and e-mail/write in with suggestions, and comments.


        Also, with the car top launch discussion, came the old issue of the

        Town of Groton access carry in launch.  Not entirely clear as to why it

         has not been constructed.  The Town’s write of way was approved, but

        there may not have been enough capital to go ahead with establishing an 

        access road.


  1.  Stillwater park closing 09-04-06.  Boat removal can be done through the end of the month, but once October rolls in, the first two Sundays from 9-5pm will be the only open gate times.  Contact the maintenance shop for any special time arrangements that may be needed.
  2. Loon report:  Darlene reported that the loons are doing well, the chicks are learning to fly.  Please do not approach the loons with your boats.  Give them a wide path.  If you have a loon surface close to your craft, stay still, or leave the area gently.
  3. Thank you was said to Jim Soutar and Dave Donath for being trustees, to Pat Randall and Glenn Randall for their continued support of prizes for the boat parade, and the additional fireworks display.
  4. Dave Spencer said that the Town of Groton has a survey coming out soon.  He encouraged us to fill it out.
  5. The Walker camp reported a green canoe that has been parked at their dock.  If yours please come and get it.


Jon Desilets made a Motion to adjourn meeting, “we have been here so long, the black flies are coming back”  The motion was approved, and the meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.


Respectfully submitted:

Oreste Reader Clerk 09-08-06