Lake Groton Association

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

September 4, 2004


The meeting was called to order by John LaRosa at 10:05AM followed by the preamble with well more than the required 20 members present. The meeting began with the Introduction of all members present.


The minutes of the 2003 Annual Meeting were read and approved as written. A Financial report was given by Joyce LaRosa, total cash balance for the association- as of August 31, 2004 was $2,961.03.


A moment of silence was had for deceased members including: Pliny Gale, Mr. Odell, and Fred Fitzgerald.


Nominations and election of two trustees proceeded with the Paul Sykas and John LaRosa being elected. Joyce LaRosa was nominated and elected to the position of Clerk.


The board of trustees recommended expenditure of 400.00 for the Groton fast squad and dues to remain at $5.00 per year. Both motions were seconded and approved.


Committee Reports: Boating Safety Certification Course-Jim Soutar-of the eight successful participants 6 were from the lake.


Discussion of overall programs followed.

Federation of Lakes and Ponds Annual Meeting ­John LaRosa- The governor and lt governor were in attendance to support lake activities. Steve Hannah-coordinator-for shoreline development for the state spoke on shoreline erosion and development Improvement permit requirements. Lake association members reviewed their current programs for aquatic nuisance control and other activities.

Welcome Committee-Milt Lamberton and Jim Soutar-All new owners contacted including-Cindy Rossi, Sylvia and Steve Spooner, Steve Morris.

2004 Fireworks-John LaRosa- Discussion of fireworks fund balance $640.15 and the boat parade. 2005 boat parade to be 1 pm Sunday the 3rd.

Lay Monitoring Program-Dave Donath-Discussion of the procedure for testing clarity. Readings between 2.8 and 5.0. Readings typical for a lake of this age and stream input.

Milfoil Detection Committee-John LaRosa-Search has turned up nothing to date. Dave, Jim, Rusty and John in constant search. Discussion of nec. to locate prior to wholesale spread.


Groton State Forest Long Range Management Plan -­John LaRosa-Sue Bulmer had reviewed process at last year's meeting, plan has not been drafted yet. Still trying to get a seat on the committee for the land owners.

Dam Report-Milt Lamberton-Dam is checked twice per year. Dave Spencer and Dean Edson render asslstance. AllI is under control. Thanks to Milt for his 50 years of Dam service.



New Business: Spencer-A web site is up and running thanks to the efforts of Dave. Includes information, directory, and activities of the association.  Discussion of policy for making Information public. Info being updated frequently.  Annual cost to be approx S70.00 per annum. Dave read policy- approved as read. A big thank you for all of Dave's efforts followed. Dave and Jim Soutar are working on a Camp Name list.


Upcoming projects-New directory pages for All About Groton Book, Grant opportunities, Testing opportunities, potential Better Back Road Grants.


Other Business:

            Stillwater Campground to shut down early

            Groton Fire Department-has grant to put in one or more dry fire hydrants.

            Access to Stillwater Launch-number allowed up to 6

            Flood Plain certificates-discussion of procedure

            Chicken Wire Cage at beach-Do not let ducks out­ this is a testing apparatus

            Safe boating driver-only one complaint to the state police all summer.

            Swimmer Safety- please be careful

            Boat Launch at south end- Steve E to monitor use


Adjournment: Motion by Jon Desilets, seconded and unanimously approved.