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Welcome to the Lake Groton Association web site. This site is designed to provide information for residents and visitors to Lake Groton (historically known as Groton Pond) in Groton, Vermont.


    Bladderwort in Bloom by Darlene Sprague

    Moose Pulling Weeds by Ellen Farquharson

    Swamp Cat - a Bobcat by the Dam by Darlene Sprague

    Hitch Hiker - the south end chick by Darlene Sprague
  • Kidney Donor Needed for Lake Resident.  Request Letter.

  • Lake Association Fireworks Vote. Vote by sending an email using one of the following (please include your name or camp number) and send the associated email. This is for 2016. If you wish the fireworks at the same location as 2015, click here and send.  If you wish them to be from the Lyon camp location, click here and send.  If you do not want the association to do fireworks, click here and send.  (If the above "click here" does not work for you, please send an email to

  • Lake Association Bladderwort Activities.  If you wish to participate in the activities to clear Bladderwort next year (engineering, harvesting, land removal) specify which activity in an email, click here.  (If "click here" does not work for you, please send an email to

  • Website to vote for Groton Forest Trails to receive a grant. Michelob ULTRA has has worked with AHS to identify 10 deserving trails across the country and is giving hikers the chance to vote for which sites they'd like to see improved, maintained and protected through two $25,000 grants. From Sept. 1 through Oct. 31, people can visit to explore the 10 nominated projects and vote.

  • Website for Buglogical Control Systems

  • July 4th Boat Parade Pictures.  Most Patriotic Boat: The Concannon Camp; and Best Shoreline Decoration: The Concannon Camp - a double winner!  Also a special mention of the creativity of the “Champ” float which was created by the Dooley family out of the Boisvert camp.

  • Fireworks Photos A friend of Dennis Casey who is a professional photographer, Steve Legge, took these amazing pictures of the Association fireworks Friday, July 3rd: Thanks to Steve and Dennis for sharing them.

  • Aquatic Survey Final Report (2 Mb)

  • Information on Bladderwort: article1, article2.

  • Shoreland Protection Act  As of July 1, 2014 new standards and permits for shoreland development and maintenance became law.  Article.  When do you need a state permit?  Handbook for Shoreland Development, Information Sessions

  • Please mark submerged rocks in your area for safe boating and water sports.

  • - - - - - - - 2015 Calendar  - - - - - - - - -

  • Sat, Sept 5: Lake Association Annual meeting 10:00 am sharp at Boulder Beach Pavilion.   BBQ to follow.

  • Items of Ongoing Interest



The Best Rainbow

July 5, 2013 by Jessica Goodine


3 Loons on Groton Pond - July 2013

by Darlene Sprague Front Page Picture Archive

Before launching, always wash and inspect your boat, motor, trailer and gear for Milfoil!   
We can't afford not to....

Groton Pond from Big Deer Mountain

Please provide any comments or suggestions on this website to  Dave Spencer   Thanks!